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24-7 Labs - Fraudulent Liars Overbilled Hacked Bank IRS Accounts

ADVANCED LIGHT DEVICES - Eugene ** Full of Big Promises but Never Delivers

East West Health Professionals - Bad Acupuncture. Got Infection. Consumer Beware.

Fat Diminisher - Refund of $37.00
Fitbit - Fitbit Surge Defective

I Love Kickboxing - You Will Love This Place!
I Love Kickboxing -- Aurora, CO - The Best!
Ilovekickboxing - Extremely Motivating
ILoveKickboxing - My Great Experience!
ILoveKickboxing - From a Couch Potato to a Girl Who Loves Fitness
Ilovekickboxing - My Amazing Experience With Ilovekickboxing
Ilovekickboxing - Great Motivating Experience
iLoveKickboxing.com - Love this place
Ilovekickboxing.com - Kickboxing
Ilovekickboxing.com - Phenomenal Customer Service and Clean
iLoveKickboxing.com - Fitness

LA Fitness - No Responsibility

Orchard Medical Group - I had a horrible experience with Dr. Stephen **

Puritan Vitamins - Impossible to Cancel Order

Seton sports and neuro physical therapy - Corrupted p.t. record

Tampa Lab Testing 24-7 Labs - Liars Cheats Scammer Carlos Promise's Low Prices Rip's Off Bank Card
Teeter Hang Up - The Best Purchase of My Life!!!
The Valley Athletic Club - Club Changed Rules and Won't Allow My Disabled Wife Access to the Pool.

Vita Infuse Yourself With Life - Cruel to Animals!!! Fake, Not a Real Vegan. Rude and Disrespectful.

WOW fitness- North Brunswick - HORRIBLE!!! Avoid at all costs!!!