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Membership Options & Benefits

Post An Online Response To Your Company Reviews
Post your side of the story along side the consumer review. Your response also will get emailed to the author.
Update Reviews To Show Resolution
For any complaints you successfully resolve with the consumer, we will update the page to include the details of the resolution.*
Contact Your Customers Privately Via E-mail
Allows your company to contact and resolve issues with customers directly and privately.
Customize Your Company Overview Page
Allows you to publish a custom message to consumers on your company's main overview page.
Intercept & Help Consumers Before They Publish Negative Reviews
Allows your company to specify resolution contact information that will be presented to consumers BEFORE they write a negative review on your company. This can help curb negative reviews while providing a positive benefit to consumers.
Automatic Notifications
Receive e-mail alerts when consumers post new reviews on your company.
Custom RSS Feeds
We will create custom RSS feeds to help you monitor your company feedback around the site.
Membership Cost:$0$99/month

* Note: The consumer must mark the complaint as "resolved" for changes to take effect.

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Posting a Company Response:

We now offer a convenient way for companies to post responses to reviews. Simply visit the review you wish to respond to, and scroll down to the Community Tools section below or next to the review. There you will find a link titled Business: Post a response to this review.

Disputing a Review - What if someone posted something false? Will My3cents remove it?

We don't arbitrate disputes, so your best bet is to contact the reviewer or post a public response in order to clear up any misunderstandings. Please bring the review to our attention if, on its face, it violates our Content Guidelines (e.g., the reviewer admittedly describes a second-hand experience or uses a racial slur). Please include your business name, city and state and the name of the reviewer in question along with a link to the review when contacting us about a review.

I'm considering legal action — what are my rights?
Nobody likes to get a negative review, and it's even worse if you think it violates your legal rights. Consider the consequences before you get your lawyer on the phone, however. Defamation suits are notoriously expensive and difficult to win. Worse, they are very public: we can point to countless examples where crusading lawyers have only done their clients harm by drawing attention to posts that would otherwise have been ignored by most rational consumers. Nor will you get far by bringing My3cents into the dispute since My3cents merely acts as a forum like any other where people can share their views. (The law is well settled on this point, but you are welcome to ask your neighborhood internet attorney to confirm.) There may be rare cases when it's appropriate to take legal action, but in most cases, you won't get what you are looking for by suing someone who gives you a bad review.

Business Replies - Contested Complaints:

If a court were to find that a consumer complaint constitutes libel or defamation, that consumer would be held legally responsible for damages to the reputation of that business. Under federal law (the Communications Decency Act), because My3cents.com does not censor posted consumer messages or investigate them for accuracy, My3cents.com is not legally responsible for the complaints that are posted, even if those complaints contain remarks that are defamatory. However, this law does not protect the person who leaves the complaints from responsibility for those complaints.

For more information on laws limiting the liability of companies like My3cents.com from written remarks posted on its site by third parties, please visit these Web sites:



Please note: We now offer a convenient way for companies to post responses to reviews. Simply visit the review you wish to respond to, and scroll down to the Community Tools section below the review. There you will find a link title Business: Post a response to this review.